Rites of passage

Glasgow Unitarian Church provides services for Rites of Passage and Special Services.

Unitarians believe that special services which are held to mark significant stages in the life of an individual should be as relevant to the participants as possible. This means that our ‘rites of passage’ are not rigidly fixed, but are prepared in consultation with the persons / families who are directly involved. Each service is personal and unique.


Namings – we celebrate the birth of a child with parents, families and friends. Instead of baptism, we offer a rite of welcome and thanksgiving.

Weddings – we support equal marriage and welcome requests from couples regardless of gender. The location is your choice.

Funerals – we seek to communicate the thoughts and feelings evoked by the death of a loved one that are appropriate to the person and the circumstances.

In every special service we encourage full participation in its preparation, including readings and music – always respecting the beliefs of those most involved.

We have two Celebrants, each with his own style.
They will be delighted to discuss your needs and plans for a special service.

Iain Brown - rif.brown@btopenworld.com

Iain Brown – rif.brown@btopenworld.com

Rev. John Clifford - revclifford@fastmail.com

Rev. John Clifford – revclifford@fastmail.com